Green Partners 

The following Arkansas government partners are dedicated to promoting green initiatives within our state.

Arkansas Building Authority
Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

Training materials, recycling information, and stickers are now available for download:

Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration - Office of State Procurement
  • Energy Saving Projects
    Helpful guide for both vendors and State agencies to assist in the contracting process for energy saving project.
  • Bright Ideas for a Better Arkansas
    The Office of State Procurement has developed a list of Green Contracts which are available for State Agency users. 
Arkansas Energy Office

Arkansas Energy Technology Loan Fund (AETL) 
What is the AETL? The AETL Fund finances energy efficiency retrofits and green energy implementation for companies in Arkansas. The AETL Fund encourages Araknsa companies to make investments in clean technologies and improvements in the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial processes and systems. This enables companies that operate with a higher degree of energy efficiency to devote more reources to retaining and creating jobs. ow interest rate loans are provided to assist those companies in financing their energy cost reduction efforts.  Learn More