Go Green 

There is a growing movement of environmentally conscious and well-informed consumers who are concerned about their finances, managing their money, and making choices for their future in a different way. People are making choices based on whether or not products and services are earth-friendly, recyclable, and energy-efficient. Are you part of the quickly growing “going green” movement? Do you look for an organic label on your food, energy saver sticker on your appliances and ways to lower your “carbon footprint?”

In the digital space, we are all green. As more people try to become green with their lifestyle, the Internet is an obvious place for them to start because online processes don’t involve paper, plastic or things not earth friendly. By converting traditionally printed materials to an online format, state government is cutting down on paper usage. By going green, people not only help in the growing movement, but it also helps decrease the harmful impact on the earth by lessening one’s reliance on printed materials.

Go Green! 


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